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Samsung - Galaxy Proclaim update?

Straight Talk -
I have 3 Galaxy Proclaims which have been on the ST network for about 6 months or so. Generally pleased with the service.

I noticed this morning that my wife's phone had an Android system update (which I performed). Neither of the other 2 phones have shown that message yet. All 3 phones are still on Android 2.3.6 firmware. But some of the other details (baseband version, kernel version and maybe build number) have changed on the one that updated. I have no idea what the update is about.

I'm curious why one phone would show a push update, but neither of the other two appear to have an update available. For the record, the phone that updated was bought a month or two after the first two phones were put in service.

On a separate note, I thought I'd be happy with VZW service on the GProclaim, and in general, I am. However, I've recently found some destinations that I've not had any service (due to being only on VZW native towers and no roaming capability).

I'm considering moving to a phone/network that includes roaming ... most likely the ATT network. But those are all SIM phones and I have been so long on the cdma side that I know very little about SIM phones. My connected GPS (Garmin 1690.. ATT system) shows service almost everywhere I go. I realize it's EDGE, but some service is better than none.

If I were to do this, would my prepaid service (I normally buy 90 days of service per phone at a time) transfer over to the new phone/carrier under ST or would I lose my current balance?

I know that ST/WMart now offer iPhones (which the rest of the family would like). I prefer the Android devices and would likely go with a Galaxy S3, Nexus, or Note. But that's a whole 'nuther discussion.
Date: Jan 16, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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