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Bypass Straight Talk Data limit or Throttle.

Straight Talk -
Has anyone seen this video yet?:

I'm wondering if this guy is mistaken or what. I seem to remember that Straight Talk was throttling way before they started their BYOP offering. Anyway from what I can gather, here are the settings changes (BYOP vs. ST:Android):

APN: att.mvno vs. wap.tracphone

MMSC is the same

MMS proxy: ( vs. (

Has anyone tried the android tracphone settings with a Straight Talk ATT BYOP SIM and have had any success? I suppose it is worth a try...

Or, alternatively, has anyone purchased an Android device (in the video the guy purchased an LG Optimus Logic for $89) and did the SIM swap with any kind of success?
Date: Jan 20, 2013   

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