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How to avoid a throttle by Straight Talk

Straight Talk -
After I and many other members had issues with Straight Talk throttling, I thought it was time to create a thread dedicated to providing tips to avoid being throttled by Straight Talk. This would be very beneficial to new members just looking for info on Straight Talk (as I was at one time, just lurking), as well as current users and members. This isn't about getting around the system, it's about working with the system to avoid penalties.

I'll start. Not sure if this is still true, but I've heard 100MB/day, 2GB a month is the safe limit. I've heard users being throttled with as little as 900MB, but not sure if they are in a rural area, lending credence to the theory that Straight Talk is more harsh with rural users, or used a lot in one day. It's also possible that Straight Talk is inconsistent in choosing how much data to throttle at. Also, avoiding streaming, tethering, and downloading might not be enough as you can use a lot of data by just doing a lot of surfing.

Any more hints are welcome!
Date: Feb 16, 2013   

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