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LG - Main icons ("Quick keys") Disappeared: LG Optimus Dynamic

Straight Talk -
I sat my phone down, picked it up - and all of the main icons were gone. (Dial, Messages, Apps, and Contacts).

I was able to add Dial, Messages, and Contacts as new icons that appeared in a new inconvenient place - and when I did so, an image of the old icons appeared as a bar across the bottom of my screen. However, the bar across the bottom of the screen does nothing when I touch it. I'm not able to add an icon for 'Applications' at all, as it's not an option in Add+.

You could say the problem has been fixed, since Straight Talk has said they'll replace the phone. They'll send a box in a few days, have me send the phone, and then send me a new one back - if they're going to do that, I feel like I could just try a factory reset since I'll be losing all of my data anyway.

It was a ridiculous problem to begin with, but it's an even more ridiculous fix. What if I get the new phone and the same thing happens? Is there really no fix for this?
Date: Apr 14, 2013    Labels: LG


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