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Tracfone Browser Upgrade in Straight Talk Phone?

Straight Talk -
Hi - I've tried to research this on these forums before posting.

Last week (after my phone suddenly froze), the native browser on my Samsung/ Straight Talk/ Verizon phone changed its home page.

The new home page (I can no longer access it) had the Tracfone, ST and other logos, and said, "To enhance your browser, enter your phone number and press send." The webpage included a place to enter my number. I did not do this. It's odd that ST would need my phone number for an app upgrade on my phone.

This page came up repeatedly for a few days, then stopped appearing.

Now the regular browser doesn't work right - it won't zoom anymore and it won't go to mobile versions of websites - every page browsed is the regular website. And without zoom, of course nothing is readable.

So ...

1. Does anybody know about this?

2. How can I get my browser working again?

3. Is there a way to reload the browser app?

4. Is there a way to scan a phone for viruses? Any recommended apps?

Date: May 23, 2013   

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