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Blackberry - BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 on Straight Talk with data and mms fully working

Straight Talk -
I wanted to give BB10 a try but I couldn't find out anywhere if I could use Z10 or Q10 on Straight Talk with data, mms, bbm fully working.

The answer is yes, you can use a Z10 or a Q10 on Straight Talk with data, mms, bbm fully working.

This is what you need to do to make it happen. Read this whole post before you start doing anything.

1. I used BB 10.2 but you can most likely do all this on 10.1(I did on the Q10 before upgrading to 10.2) still I recommend you at least give the 10.2 a try especially if you're setting up a new device. 10.2 is not officially released by BB so there might be bugs and other issues although I haven't encountered any with the latest leaks.

You can get the latest version of BB OS 10.2 at the link below, make user you get the version that is intended for you device, the installation is very simple you just connect you BB to your Windows computer and run the updater. Find the file you need and follow the instructions in the link below.

2. You need to access the engineering screen also know as "Help Me!" to set the APN, instruction on accessing it are in the below link.

To set the APN, while in the escreen mode go to General Radio and enter your APN in the APN field.

That's it now you should have data.

3. MMS. Go to the BlackBerry Hub Settings select Text Messaging select the MMS tab and press the advanced settings icon on the bottom of the screen scroll down to MMSC Settings and enter you settings.

This is how you find the Hub Settings:

That's it, everything should be working ? well maybe. On my Q10 I had to contact StraightTalk support and complain that my MMS wasn't working but after they reset/re-entered things on their end MMS started working, took 2-3 hours to start working. Also. Both the Z10 and Q10 I used were Factory Unlocked so I could access the APN and MMS settings using the procedures outlined above even on BB 10.1 however from what I have read users with unlocked AT&T and T-Mobile phones can only access these setting when on 10.2
Date: Sep 6, 2013    Labels: Blackberry

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