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Issues after 7.0.3 update,carrier update 15.6

Straight Talk -
My phone is an ATT Iphone 4s

running IOS7.0.3 with new carrier TFW update 15.6

new ST ATT 4G LTE simcard

On my homescreen, in my Messages icon, I'm showing a number 1 in a red circle (indicating that I have one new message)

Except when I touch it, there are no new messages indicated in front of any of my contacts. I tried a hard reset, tried powering down the phone. The #1 is still on the icon and no blue dot in front of any contact. Also, I was sent an email that never arrived but this may be an issue for Comcast and not my phone?? MMS is functioning properly and I'm able to send texts and emails without any problem. I did not have these issues before the update and card swap from the E71 card. Would appreciate any input in this matter. Thank you
Date: Oct 29, 2013   

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