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7 Flash Live HomeScreens (Released) 12/1/2012

Symbian S60V5 Modding -
All new Flash Live Home-Screens for Nokia Symbian s60v5 Devices

I know how Much you guys Have been waiting for this, But im Finally Rleasing it here in my Own thread.

Well now Nokia has decided to abandon us, poor little s60v5(Symbina^1)

I got pretty frustrated. This was total betrayal. Never the less, when i Discovered the DailyMobile Forum i came across


I had totally lost hope on my Symbian Phone 5530 Xm (RM-504). But trust me guys, BLAZE changed my Life.

It made me fall again  with my Phone.


First of all Thanks to devilyazdan for considering my potential and all others like apex666, matrix_skopje, chris_marsh and all others of team Blaze

Download Blaze Ultimate from here

So here i present you my work!

i bring you the whole new concept of Flash Homescreens with a twist.

Its been Quite a while i have been working on this and finally got it Good.

I Have made 7 Exclusive Flash HomeScreens For Nokia Symbian Devices Running BLAZE ULTIMATE.

1. Android IceCreamSanwich (ICS)

2. Nokia Lumia 800

3. iOS

4. HTC Desire

5. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

6. Windows 7 Pc version (test mode)

7. Tron Legacy (test mode)

Windows7 Pc version


 Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 (ICS)

Video Demo

2. Nokia Lumia 800

Video Demo

3. iOS (Iphone style)

Video Demo

4.HTC Desire

Video Demo

5. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10  

Video Demo

Guys, Im working on

Multipage swipe

the reason i didnt publish Multipage swipe was, it ate lot of ram

plus hangs phone till eternity

so im wrking around it


projects under going now

1) Google NExus

2) Lg Optimus

3) Galaxy SII

4) HTC Explorer

5) Brew OS (not sure still)

Next thread -->>

They may not be the perfect ones, but still i tried my best, and improvemnets will follow of course

Hit the tiny green arrow button if you like my work

These Homescreens are made by me, with loads of efforts and hard night outs so please do consider it


You can not distribute this project saying yours. It takes great time and effort to come out with such stuff

If you do wish to publish, please give me full Credits

Name: Deepak Kaku

DM prof name: deeps_17


Tech Blog:

Interpret me from this

Date: Jul 18, 2012   

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VR Gaming - Is there a market for it?
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First success to Overclock every Nokia symbian device!


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