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Motorola - Locked out of my Motorola Razr

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I recently reloaded Webroot SecureAnywhere after resetting my Motorola Razr.  After resetting my account and answering the security questions I decided to "locate" my phone to see how it works.  The map came up on the Webroot website, it showed me where my phone was and I was happy.  The next time i picked up my phone it is locked.  The "Lock Screen" comes on for a half a second then the screen/phone shuts off again.  I was careful not to select any other option, including "Lock" but "locate my device" but somehow the phone is locked.       How do I unlock it?  All looks well when I relog into My Webroot.  The log shows I located the phone some minutes ago but does not indicate it is locked.  Nor do I see any indication that indicates that the phone is locked or how to locked it. After continuing to play with the phone the lock screen comes on for a 1/2 second then the phone shuts down.  Sometimes then next screen unlock screen comes on for tenths of a second....but my phone turns off before I can possibly enter any information.    Help....I have a useless hunk of electronics until I can unlock it. 
Date: Dec 22, 2012    Labels: Motorola

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