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Samsung - Dead eMMC, boot loop, SD mounting problem

Galaxy S I9000 General - xda-developers -
Dead eMMC, boot loop, SD mounting problem

My i9000 went to bootloop and stuck on repeatition of galaxy s logo and after flashing many roms from odin it shows error sothing like (not exactly remember) the below given :

E:failed to mount /data (No such file or directory)

--Copying media files...

E:failed to mount /sdcard (File exists)

E:copy_cache_media:Can't mount /sdcard

your storage not prepared yet, please use UI menu for format and reboot actions,Meida files copy failed

--Installing Package

Finding update Package

opening update Package

verifying update Package

Installing update

Successfully installed package

--Wiping data...

formatting /data

E:format_volume:rfs format failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

formatting /dbdata...

Formatting /cacheand I never got out of boot loop untill I downloaded the XXJVU modified files from the below thread

The ROM files in the above link are the only way available right now to flash for me. I can't even root this.

In this thread, sesetxu, a user of xda, modified the zimage and repacked XXJVU which made my phone turn on (I partitioned my microSD card to make this work). But neither I am able to root my phone, nor my camera works ("turn off usb storage to use camera") and also gallery is not usable as it shows("no SD card detected").When I go to 'SD card and phone storage' under 'settings' in my i9000, only system memory is available (showing around 1.87GB) while usb storage and SD card are showing unavailable.

I have read many threads regarding this, most of them indicate to edit vold.fstab file. But as my phone is not rooted, I can't edit it.

Also I am not able to mount my SD card by flashing any recovery and not able to use it in recovey.

Can you please help me bring out of this problem?

Help will be appreciated If someone make a Rooted kernel of any rom, which install OS directly on the SD card and makes my external SD card accessible (Coz I know my internal SD is dead)

THANKS in advance!
Date: May 13, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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