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Cyanogenmod 10, stuck on boot screen

Droid X2 Q&A - xda-developers -
I recently installed the Cyanogenmod 10 ROM to my Droid x2. It was done correctly, and was working fine for about a week. But, it is currently stuck on the boot screen whenever I try starting it up. This is what I think happened: After a while, I realized that I had never installed Bootstrap recovery, over CM10. I checked on the Official ROM page, and saw that the bootstrap recovery for CM7 worked on CM10. I had to leave, and didn't have time to install it.

Later that day though, While looking through my SD card contents, I realized I had a Bootstrap apk on it. Without thinking, I went ahead and installed it (I believe the problem is that it was Bootstrap for 2.3.4, the one I first used to install CM7, on the way to CM10) I brought up the app, and installed recovery. I did not automatically restart my phone after, and carried on. Later on, while texting, the phone crashed without warning, and tried to restart. It failed to start up, leaving me where I am currently.

I've tried rebooting with the phone unplugged, with the phone plugged into a wall charger, and with the phone connected to the computer.

Also, Standard Android recovery fails to start. It gets stuck on "Starting RSD protocol support".

My question is... Does anyone know how I could regain access to my phone? I did NANDroid backup, but, I have no way of accessing and installing the backups, while locked out of my phone.
Date: Nov 25, 2012   


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