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HTC - (HELP - NO OS) HTC Vivid - Holiday PVT SHIP S-OFF and Team Win Rec 2.2.0

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HELP - NO OS) HTC Vivid - Holiday PVT SHIP S-OFF and Team Win Rec 2.2.0

A FUBAR'D HTC Vivid was just handed to me..

(This is a friends phone they purchased on eBay apparently modified!)

It appears to be stuck on boot in Team Win Recovery 2.2.0

If someone could please point me in the right direction to get this thing restored, that would be greatly appreciated!

(From within Team Win it appears everything fails to mount and it isn't seeing the external sd, tho one is currently not installed! When it is connected to pc via usb a windows messege appears and it asks me to format the disk! "pretty sure I don't wanna do that...")

I can see what looks like the system files and structure using the browser/file viewer in the advanced button, but it will not reboot into anything "System, Recovery, or Bootloader from Team Win Recovery (it fails and hangs) you can't even use power off it or go back, you have to remove the battery to do anything after you attempt any of that to continue..) It tells me there is "NO OS" Installed when i select reboot to anything!

With ADB I can see the device and boot into fastboot gaining access to HBOOT this is whats listed:

= JuopunutBear =






Mar 1 2012, 17:09:49



RECOVERY (loops back to Team Win Recovery)

FACTORY RESET (does nothing just loops back to Team Win Recovery)



IMAGE CRC (contents list as follows)

rpm: 0x7A282BF1

sbl1: 0xB33AFDC0

sbl2: 0xD50B8AD

sbl3: 0xA1B5642F

tz: 0x2CDBDA25

radio: 0xD2CBDB3D

hboot: 0x87CDC63B

boot: 0x4F836527

recovery: 0xB46F9CEB

system: 0xB6BF81BF

I just need an absolute way to restore I am more than familiar with ADB and modification (but tend to stay with Moto X, RAZR, Xoom devices) I'm kinda blind as to were to start with this HTC..

it was suggested i post the recovery log! i attempted to pull it with no success! not sure of it's path..

I'm not sure if my friend some how wiped the the OS or what, I wasn't there when the phone went fubar.. All I was told is they bought it 3 months ago on ebay and they've used it fine for the last 3 months as go phone (but it is an ATT HTC Vivid) They woke up the other morning and it was stuck in "Team Win Recovery" which they had never seen before.. They thought it was a virus.. lol..

I can't say for sure if this was there error or a bug of some sort. I guess I need to know which files I can push through adb to either make this work or restore it to factory, it appears doing it through team win recovery isn't an option at this point! I can't find what should be a back up or any other zip it would attempt to install - but as stated before it appears nothing mounts with in the team win recovery!

Also, I imagine if they are using it as a go phone just popping there sim card in an out it has something to do with the Holiday S-OFF?

(Like I said I primarily mod Motorola - i know nothing of HTC... and I'm on the dreaded VZW)
Date: Oct 17, 2012    Labels: HTC


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