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Amazon Kindle Fire Signed Driver for WinXP/Vista/7/8/8.1

Kindle Fire General - xda-developers -
Now that KitKat builds are coming out for the KF, I found myself dusting off my Kindle and trying to reflash my recovery to try out CM11.

Unfortunately, upgrading to Windows 8.1 re-enabled Driver Signature Enforcement on my PC, so I set off to find a signed Amazon ADB driver for the KF.

Since I couldn't find it on XDA, I thought I'd share it:

1.Download Current Amazon Kindle Fire ADB Drivers:

2. Unzip the zip.

3. Run KindleDrivers.exe

4. PROFIT! This URL is subject to change any time Amazon updates the driver. So if the link above is broken, try this:

- Go to

(This is the URL that is used by Android SDK to download the drivers)

- Ctrl+F and search for "Driver"

(This should take you to the right spot in the XML file)

- Copy all text in between the sdk:url tags in the "Kindle Fire USB Driver" section



<sdk:description>Kindle Fire USB Driver</sdk:description>





<sdk:name-display>Kindle Fire USB Driver</sdk:name-display>



<sdk:archive os="windows">


<sdk:checksum type="sha1">2ba63011a73a0a0d0f35e001696677ec92a825cb</sdk:checksum>




<sdk:uses-license ref="license"/>


- Paste the sdk:url text into the URL

Code: sdk:url TEXT HERE

- You should now be able to unzip and install your driver.

This process has worked on all 3 of my computers; Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 without issue - just like any other ADB driver.
Date: Nov 27, 2013   

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