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Samsung - ROM Options for GT-P5113 (U.S., Wifi-only)?

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Hello, I'm trying to setup my friend's new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5113. The device is running 4.0.4 IMM76D.P5113UEBLH3 stock. It's very laggy and not very stable. I'm looking for a new ROM to flash and I thought the stock JellyBean OTA leak would be a good option, but apparently it's for the 3G version (even though say P5113 in the thread ). What is the best TouchWiz-based ROM I can flash on this device that will solve the lag and stability issues? I know that CM or AOKP would probably be much smoother, but my friend enjoys the multi-window functionality built into TouchWiz. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Jan 5, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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