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Samsung - Galaxy tab 2 10.1 constant rebooting

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Galaxy tab 2 10.1 constant rebooting


I've had my galaxy tab 2 for about a year and just yesterday it started acting really weird.

When i turn the tablet on it looks fine, boots in to cm10 which i have been using for the last 6 months without reflashing, after a few secounds i see that i have some app updates from google playstore and it runs through, but then the tablet just reboots.

After the reboot the apps that just have been updated starts updating again (?!?). I have tried to quickly uninstall some apps from the tablet while the tablet is still active (about 1,5-2 mins). It states that the application is uninstalled but after the reboot the apps are back again.

I have also tried to do a restore from a saved cwm file (first one after my flash) and it takes a while and then states that its all good and rebooting, still cm10 with the exact same problem as before. Also i have tried to do a total reset by installing the stock rom from sammobile through odin, takes about an hour, no error messages, reboots, and cm10 is still on there with the same problem as before.

Seems to me like the system somehow cant write to the internal storage, anybody with any experience on this that could help me out?

[EDIT] I have also tried to do a factory reset and wipe data from cwm, but the unit just reboots [/EDIT]

Greatful for all tips.
Date: Apr 13, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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