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Samsung - AGNI vs DHOLLMEN vs BLACKHAWK : kernel lags...

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Hi all,

a little question... I'm using CM10.1 4.2.2 nightlies on my P3110. Every time, I replace "trebuchet.apk" with Zeam Launcher, in all my android devices, and this in latest 18 months I think...

I've tested 3 different kernels :




with the CM10.1 nightlies but every time I can see some little lags, launcher is not so fast as I can see in other devices, even I set OC up to 1.100 or up 1.200 MHz on my P3110...

How can I make faster my little launcher ? What of these 3 kernels appears to be most performer to avoid lags / slowing launcher or other apps ???

Thx u
Date: May 6, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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