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Samsung - Flash A Custom ROM : P3100 : Specific Issue - Fastboot Not Supported

Galaxy Tab 2 Q&A - xda-developers -
I have made a custom ROM, with additional API's and patches using stock ICS source - Downloaded from

After modifying, patching etc, I built the ROM using 'make' on my Ubuntu machine.

I followed the steps here to build the ROM:

The output of this procedure is attached as a screenshot

(I copied the folder to windows hence the screenshot shows a windows OS)

Now I have a ROM I am asked to flash it using'fastboot flashall' per the instruction here:

My device doesn't seem to support a Fastboot mode.

The output folder of the ROM is attached as a screenshot.

A> When I try to use CWM, it fails to flash - MD5 Mismatch:

Also I am unsure how CWM flashes and which of the folders are to be included. A CWM recovery generates:

1. boot.img

2. recovery.img

3. system.ext4.tar

4. data.ext4.tar

5. cache.ext4.tar

6. nandroid.md5

Clearly my output folder is not aligned to this format. So I'm a bit lost here.

B> Odin takes on tar file. I am not sure if simply making the folder a tar will work.

C> Heimdall doesnt support this tab I guess...

Any ideas on a solution would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Date: Jun 6, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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