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THE BEST Kindle Fire Factory Cable PERIOD!

Kindle Fire Accessories - xda-developers -
I now have Factory Cables in stock for the Kindle Fire. Prices below include USPS First Class shipping usually by next day (Not counting Sat-Sun, these are the days I help my aging and loving Parents). These are manufactured in the USA by myself (out of Tijeras, New Mexico) I am a long time XDA member working hand-in-hand with other XDA members to get this cable as high quality as possible. They are tested multiple times before being shipped.

1.5ft Factory Cables

$12.00 for U.S. deliveries.

$19.05 for most International deliveries. (Covers my extra costs, fuel, mileage and time involved with USPS International orders. Trust me I am keeping this as low as I possibly can)

3ft Factory Cables

$13.00 for U.S.

$20.05 for International.


DO NOT FORGET to tell me what Country I am shipping your cable to please! THANK YOU!!!

I have turned off my email settings as I am still getting to much email regarding this cable, lol, even after clearly telling people NOT to email me... jeez

So, from now on I need XDA members to:

1. (Click HERE!--> PRIVATE MESSAGE ME <--Click HERE!

2. Title the PM "Factory Cable Info Please"

3. Do NOT forget MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN, so I know which "PayPal Order Form" to reply with.

I do NOT need your address because the PayPal Shipping sends that to my printer already. I do NOT need to know your current Kindle Fire situation, or your mothers maiden name or your birth marks. I just need you to kindly ASK for my PayPal order form and what country I will be sending it to. That's it, nothing more is needed. OH, and one last thing before I forget, I do not own a KF myself, so I can not help you fix your device, or walk you through the recovery process, all I can do is send you a high quality PRE-modified USB cable. Using the cable is at your own discretion, risk and abilities. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE ORDERING!!! Thank You!

NOTE: My PayPal order page is written strictly in Forum Code so it will NOT work via email, it will ONLY WORK USING THE PM SYSTEM HERE. Thank You for your understanding!

I hope this hard work of mine pays off by helping you fix your device. My fingers are crossed... Thanks again!

Date: Jun 28, 2012   

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