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Samsung - Windows 7 "SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device" failed installation

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For some reason I am now getting a Driver Installation Failure error for my S3 when I plug it in to USB on Windows 7. The driver is SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device, which fails after a long (3 minute or so) install attempt.

This means I can't access the Phone via USB for file tranfers etc, either Windows Explorer or Keis. Though I can use ODIN to Flash if I put the Phone in Debug Mode.

I have tried all sorts. Un-installing the Samsung Drivers, rebooting and reinstalling, and getting Kies to try a driver repair.

It wasn't like this when I started with the phone. Something changed - after I rooted it. I am currently on the Omega ROM 6.0 with standard kernel. For a while I was on 5.1 with Syloa 1.1 and then 1.26. I realized it was wrong when I couldn't copy Omega 6.0 ROM ZIP over to Flash.

I have searched and searched. This seems to have happened to other phones as well but be intermittent. A few other phone on XDA have reported this in the last couple of weeks (so maybe a Microsoft change to Windows 7?)

As a weird related issue sometimes when I plug the Phone into WIndows now I get two removable drives showing, which are "Samsung USB Gadgets" using a 2006 Microsoft Driver... They show as removable drives with no drive in them. Again all my tricks of disabling uninstalling, re-installing etc these seem to make no difference.

Anyway - any ideas / fixes help appreciated!!!

Date: Jan 22, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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