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Samsung - SDS solution: Running system from SD?

Galaxy S III Q&A - xda-developers -

I have a dead i9300 (SDS - sudden death syndrome - emmc dead)

Found on XDA a leaked Samsung document on fixing a "no power phone" (completely hard bricked as in SDS)

--- could not find the link --- will edit later.

First, an SD card is prepared with a boot code to re-flash a bootloader to the erased EMMC.

The idea is to short a resistor on the phone main board (difficult - very tiny!) to fool the phone into thinking it can not communicate with the EMMC chip - it then turns to the SD card. At this point the short should be removed so whatever is running from the SD card will be able to write to the erased EMMC chip.

If all works, a message should appear on the screen and report a successful completion of the writing to EMMC.

The fix failed for me (either because my emmc chip was already completely dead or because I damaged it trying to short the resistor).

When I now insert the SD card I prepared for the fix and turn on the phone, I get a message on the phone's screen: "reading binary from SD card... writing binary to emmc..." and it stays stuck this way. guess it cannot write to the chip.

SO, my phone is not completely dead. it's a zombie...

This got me thinking: why not get the full system to run from SD card? who needs the dead emmc anyway?

Possible issues:

1. To get it to run from SD card, one has to remove the tiny resistor or short it constantly. Not an easy task.

2. SD cards are slower than the original EMMC - a fast card will be required, and it will probably never be as fast as the original.

3. The dead EMMC chip had the IEMI on it. Unless someone knows how to get it back or burn a new one, the phone would be a nice small tablet, but not a phone, because the phone part will not work without the IEMI.

4. This the main issue: I'm a complete noob. No idea how to do this. Or if its even possible...

What I THINK needs to be done: (can someone help? - I don't have the skills)

- Change the boot loader to treat the SD card as the main memory.

- Use odin and a working i9300 to partition an SD card and burn the full system on it.

- Make a dump From the SD to a file that can be shared, and dumped back to SD so that others will not need the working i9300 for this.

- More???

there are many "Zombie" phones out there for sale on eBay - so it could be interesting to get them working!

Date: May 4, 2013    Labels: Samsung

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