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Samsung - Mobile Odin Pro + MK6 4.3

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I encountered a strange problem while using Mobile Odin Pro v.3.85 with 4.3 MK6

My phone : Samsung Galaxy S3

I usually use Mobile Odin Pro to flash firmware, i enable inject Root and SU so I wont lose Root and dont increase counter, staying all official.

Let me explain what I did.

I started from 4.1.2 all stock with root and MOP v 3.50 (mobile odin pro v 3.50). Downloaded MK6 firmware from thread in general s3 section and flashed using MOP with ever root: everything okay Im on 4.3. I tryied to open SuperSu and it says there isnt any SU binary with a message saying: "if you just updated to 4.3 install root manually". So i used CF Auto Root for S3 and installed it: once rebooted i couldnt find any SU icon in drawer, had to download latest from Play Store and I was rooted but with counters to "Unofficial" since I flashed with odin.

Now I reflashed 4.3 to avoid getting Unofficial Status: updated MOP to 3.85 latest, it auto downloads flash kernel, flashed 4.3 with everroot (I was already on 4.3 but with unofficial status). All I was hoping to achieve was a 4.3 rooted with MOP 3.85 and all counters to official. For past versions like 4.1.2 it worked!

MOP rebooted S3 and started flashing 4.3: at the end it was in a loop, it continued to flash 4.3 over and over.

Why I got that loop? It was an compatibility issue with 4.3 bootloader and MOP flash kernel?

Have I to downgrade bootloader to ICS first (like I had before)?

I had to go in download mode and flash 4.3 using pc odin, I was so scared! Now im on 4.3 without root but id like to have it with counters set to official.

Thank you, steebro.
Date: Dec 12, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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