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ROM Toolbox Pro Issues

One V Q&A - xda-developers -
Hello Everyone,

I recently downloaded the "ROM Toolbox Pro" app onto my HTC One V. At first I wasnt sure of all the things you can modify your phone with, but after looking and playing around for a few hours I got the idea. I noticed that you can change your [3G] icon to different colors and so forth for other icons on your phone. When I reboot the phone after applying a new boot logo, and Icon it didnt work at all. My first thought was that maybe you cannot modify anything with the Stock ROM? If anyone can tell me any information about this, that would be wonderful!

Also if I need to switch my ROM to something else, can someone please send me a link to a good ROM for the HTC One V that doesnt have any issues, and the full setup on how to do it? That would be wonderful!

Thanks alot,

Date: Feb 19, 2013   


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