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Warning to users of EZOverclock - this conflicts with Jellybean OTA update for WW ROM

Transformer TF300T General - xda-developers -
Warning to users of EZOverclock - this conflicts with Jellybean OTA update for WW ROM

Hello All,

I've been lurking in this forum for a year or so now... However, I wish to update the community of an issue with the Asus Transformer Pad TF300T and the OTA Jellybean update for the WW builds which was just pushed to us an hour or so ago.

If you are rooted but not unlocked, most probably you are running SuperSU and Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper. Normally, there shouldn't be a problem with the Jellybean OTA update. However, if you are like me and are also running EZOverclock, after the Jellybean update, the moment you restore root using Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper and reboot, the Transformer will get stuck in an endless bootloop, starting up normally then rebooting again in within 1 minute after the Android lock-screen/homescreen comes up.

Apparently, there is a serious incompatibility between EZOverclock which crashes the OS and forces it to reboot.

To all WW Build TF300T users who received the OTA update but haven't installed it yet, please uninstall EZOverclock before installing the update.

For those like me who found out the problem too late, you have to be a bit persistent and lucky and try to disable EZOverclock before it starts...

What I did was the following:

- remove any installed microSD cards

- force the unit to reboot by holding down the power button or just catch the bootup sequence at the moment the lockscreen/homescreen comes up and it can accept input

- quickly tap the menu button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen and quickly swipe the pages until you get to the page where your SuperSU app is

- tap the SuperSU app and tap the EZOverclock app and tap the "forget" button

This should disable the EZOverclock app and the system should stabilize after it crashes/reboots automatically for the last time. You can then uninstall EZOverclock at your leisure.

You may have to attempt to do this several times to get the timing right because you have to get all of this done in the short window of time when the system starts up but before EZOverclock loads and crashes the system.

I spent over two hours trying to find out what went wrong with my OTA update and trying several other things before finally discovering the problem. I spent another half an hour trying to get the timing right to be able to disable EZOverclock...

I hope this would help other rooted WW build users to avoid problems when updating to Jellybean.

Best Regards to All

Date: Aug 29, 2012   

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