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HTC - HTC One X stuck on update screen when updating to 1.28.401.9

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I received the OTA update for my HOX today and I immediately downloaded and installed it over Wi-Fi. The phone showed the update screen (the one with the green arrows and the phone icon) and showed a progress bar. The progress bar disappeared after reaching the end and then I was just left with the arrows and phone icon. It has been on this screen for over an hour. I have tried rebooting the phone by holding down the power button. This causes the screen to turn off but turn on again to show the same update screen. I contacted HTC and they said I might need to perform a factory reset.

Since I do not want to lose all my data, I thought I would ask on here first to see if anyone had any other suggestions or if anyone else was experiencing this issue.

Many thanks!

EDIT: Update working, I forgot to remove the USB/Charger when updating.
Date: Dec 18, 2012    Labels: HTC


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