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HTC - need help to flash stock rom back on htc one x

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ello guys.

i need help regarding installing back the stock rom on my One x . i bought the second hand phone few days back and its already unlocked and rooted with Android Revolution HD 18.0 custom rom running , somehow the phone is quiet unstable and rom crashes too often especially on restarting it displays the message "unfortunately stoped working" or something like that. and it displays the same kind of message for every app when i try to open any app. i tried factory resets many time but to no aval.

pls guide me about the problem that this phone is having secondly pls tell me the correct Stock RUU for reverting back to the stock rom which i hope would solve the problem.

my phone's detail :


HBOOT 1.31.0000

CPLD none


Radio 5.1204.162.29

eMMC boot mode : disabled

CPU boot mode: disabled

HW secure boot : enabled

modem path : off

its CID is 11111111 ( i think its unbranded)

VERSION-MAIN : 3.14.401.619

i ve following queries

1. do i need to downgrade the hboot to install stock rom

2. how many digits of the version-main number should match with the RUU ... like i ve found one like (RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_JB_45_S_HTC_Europe_3.14.401.31_R_R adio_5.1204.162.29_release_302015_signed (1).exe)

is it ok for my device???

3. anyother especial precaution i should take before attempting this procedure

Date: Dec 30, 2012    Labels: HTC


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