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Nokia - Updating Nokia Lumia 710 RM-809

Windows Phone 7 General - xda-developers -
Hello all,

So after updating my Lumia 710 from Rogers, in the "About" screen of the Diagnostic Tool I see that I am on FW revision 1600.3007.7740.11465. This is a few versions behind what seems to be the latest version out there for unlocked variants of the phone...

So I found this page:

Which claims that they have flashed the latest Indian firmware (8107.12070) for the RM-803 variant of the phone onto the T-Mobile (RM-809) version. However I am somewhat reluctant to try flashing an RM-803 image onto an RM-809, especially due to the fact that they support different 3G bands. What do you guys think?

Alternatively, I can see in Navifirm+ that the latest available image for the RM-809 is the Australian 8107.12050, so that might be a safer choice?

This will be the first time I try to manually update a Windows Phone... So what do you guys think? I really want to update it since there are some GMail syncing issues on the build that I'm running now.
Date: Jun 6, 2012    Labels: Nokia


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