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HTC - HTC One V - Problems with 3G connection :(

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Hi there,

my girlfriend has some problems with the 3G connection of her HTC One V, hopefully one of you can help us

She´s using an o2 simcard in her One V. If the One V is powered on for some hours/mintues at a time it happens that the 3G connection isn´t working any longer?

You can still see the H(SDPA) / E(DGE) symbol in the topbar, but nothing is working?

If she turns off and on her mobile connection, nothing happens.... 3G is still not working.

The only way to get the 3G connection working again is to turn the flight mode on and off again. After that everything is working as usual.

(A reboot is also working)

As I got my HTC Desire 2 1/2 years ago I had the same problem,... after an android update everything was working as it should.

But these 3G problems are really quite annoying

Is there anybody out there who has (had) the same problems?

She´s using the HTC stock android 4.0.

Hopefully it´s not a hardware defect

Thanks for your answers so far.


Date: Oct 3, 2012    Labels: HTC

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