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cm10.1 sdcard mounted and visible in terminal but not file manager?!?

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cm10.1 sdcard mounted and visible in terminal but not file manager?!?

i have to assume that its a permission issue, but i cant figure out for the life of me exactly what...

heres the deal, been converting from cm10 to cm10.1 on the warp sequent, have gotten as far as to make the sd card readable using adb shell... i can cd to /storage/sdcard, do an ls, and it shows all my files just as it should. but when i go to gallery, it says no sd card, and when i go to file manager there is nothing there its just an empty folder even with all hidden files, symlinks, system files, etc shown and in root browser mode, it makes no sense to me at all

even when trying to view the size in the storage menu it says its 289mb or whatever size the tempfs is

please help save what little is left of my sanity



on early-init

mkdir /storage/sdcard 0000 system system

# for backwards compatibility

symlink /storage/sdcard /mnt/sdcard

symlink /storage/sdcard /sdcard

export EXTERNAL_STORAGE /storage/sdcard



dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard auto /devices/platform/msm_sdcc.4/mmc_host/mmc2



<StorageList xmlns:android="">

<!-- removable is not set in nosdcard product -->

<storage android:mountPoint="/storage/sdcard"





android:maxFileSize="4096" />

Date: Jun 29, 2013   


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