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Best roms for arc s

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Best roms for arc s

hello guys , i am gonna talk about the arc s and what is the best rom for arc s i will not put any links if u want the link of any rom i will talk about just reply what rom do u want

of course i cant say what the best rom is because it depends on your using of the phone but if u like gaming and performance u better downgrade to gingerbread 2.3.7 and install gb rom its faster in games gives u the dual core experience such as :

atomic gb i personally tried this rom it is great but what is bad about it that there is alot of applications requires 4.x + android so in that case try cm9 ics its not bad.( better than cm10 )

if u like multitasking there are a lot of good roms for u cm isnt one of them ..... xperia ultimate hd is good in multitasking and giving u advanced settings , its not good in gaming though

jelly bean roms for arc s are not fast and smooth like ultimate hd and i think its because the arc s is only one core and cant handle the jelly bean since there is no official update i tried racing bean it is not that good and lighting cm .. alot of bugs , and u have to flash a diffrent kernel.

another problem is battery life it isnt good in any of these roms, except for atomic gb and the stock rom ofcourse i dont know why but maybe the overclocked kernel may cause it.

i wrote this thread by my personal experience i tried all these roms and more and these information i dont know just by reading threads , its like a year of experiencing and trying to make my arc s better .

if i helped please press the like button

if u have any question ill be happy to answer them
Date: Nov 2, 2013   

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