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ROM Request for LG-E440g

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ROM Request for LG-E440g

I have this phone LG Optimus L4X (E-440g), and it's not the HD, it's some kind of mid gamma of the Optimus series, and I don't seem to find ANYTHING for it. Not a recovery or a custom ROM. Can anyone help me a little? I don't wanna brick it, but can I get some help to get the recovery or what can I do? Do I make a copy of my current ROM and start modding it? It's sure it will work? Besides, I need the recovery anyways, right? to flash it? Damn, it's hard to even begin when there's not much about this phone.

Hope I didn't bore you, guys.

Thanks for any help you can provide xD Suggestions, ideas, are totally welcome!
Date: Feb 19, 2014   


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