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Samsung - Power reset or unknown upload mode?

Galaxy S II I9100G Android Development - xda-developers -

1) I have an GT I9000G Galaxy SII wid official stock gingerbread for India

2) I was listening to music then suddenly... the phone rebooted itself and displayed the green android logo saying POWER RESET or UNKNOWN UPLOAD MODE

3) now the phone wont turn on despite pressing power button and cant enter into recovery or download mode...

what i have done so far....

1) take out sim... sdcard... battery...

2) connect GSII to laptop with odin 1.8x running

3) put battery back on while pressing both vol up n down button

.... this was supposed to bring back download mode according to

...but no download mode for me....

Anyone have any idea abt what to do???

Request: plz dont tell me to send it to samsung service center....

Date: Jun 28, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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