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Samsung - Can't install OTA update

Galaxy S III General - xda-developers -
I have a SGS3 from Credomobile (Sprint), SPH-L710, 4.0.4, L710VPLI3, Kernel: 3.0.8-618049-user, se.infra@SEP-91 #1, SMP PREEMPT Wed May 23 22:26:52 KST 2012, Build number: IMM76D.L710VPALI3, Hardware: L710.14

and since November I've been getting notifications of OTA System Updates every 10 days or so. Problem is, every time I tell it to proceed, it starts and fails with an error like this:


-- Installing package...

Finding update package...

Opening update package...

Verifying update package...

Installing update...

Verifying current system...

assert failed: apply_patch_check("EMMC:/dev/block/mmcblk0p7:5714176:66e3b4975660009f6e202abb943d037945446642:5748892:988ceebec698c56e61f2ffc9111b199817b9a209", "998ceebec698c56e612ffc9111b199817b9a209", "66e3b4975660009f6e202abb943d037945446642")

E:Error in /cache/

(Status 7)

Installation aborted

I'm not sure if this is always the same OTA update, or if it's a new one every time.

FWIW, at the end of October I rooted it using team epic's , and then unrooted it again using , precisely because I wanted to get the OTAs.

Device Status is "Normal". Is there any other way to restore it to stock, so I can get OTAs? Or any other way to solve this problem?

Date: Jan 7, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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