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Samsung - i9300 vs i9305 Development

Galaxy S III General - xda-developers -
i9300 vs i9305 Development

I was just wondering why the i9300 has wayy more mods/tweaks/custom roms/overall development than the i9305? is this normally because more people/devs own the i9300? or is there any other reasons? I mean with the extra 1GB ram doesn't the i9305 has more flexibility and potential for development?? I'm not saying this because I own the i9305, It just I read somewhere that samsung isn't releasing the code or something for i9305 or something like that (Again, I'm not sure what exactly did I read and I cud be wrong). I mean if there are any codes wudn't both i9300 and i9305 be the same?

Thank You
Date: Apr 16, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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