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Samsung - whats the best uk rom for i9300?

Galaxy S III General - xda-developers -
whats the best uk rom for i9300???

i have previously tried cm10 and akop on the i9000 and liked both and have looked at a few online the cm10 looks the same i am asking as the others i have not used and know nothing about also the i9300 is my new phone so i would prefer to have a nice stable rom that helps battery life while letting mee use the phone and have things how i want them as thats what the roms are for so how many uk i9300 users use what roms and what if any are the differences through them i like the sound of the hyperdrive rom but from what i can see its a usa carrier only ? i look forward to seeing your replies thanks Jamie.
Date: Oct 9, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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