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Kindle 10.2.3 root/modding

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Kindle 10.2.3 root/modding

So for the last 7 hours i've been researching how to root/ install JB or another rom onto this brand new kindle i have running 10.2.3.

I've got ADB running and i've tried Sparkym3 and a few other root methods and i keep getting permission denied when i go to write fbmode or su

SO i'm at a loss, i'd really like to get this installed and working for my handicapped father's new kindle, its his xmas gift, and i know i'd prefer he be able to use google play and stuff.

Any help would be fantastic, this is really rattling my brain.

All these are the TuTs i tried and can't complete it fully, whenever i go to write stuff to the sd permission is denied.

Tried to root but cant get that going either

Any help would be nice.
Date: Dec 6, 2012   


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