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Using KFU 9.6 root KF 1st Gen,unable to get past "Activating Fastboot 4002"

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I've read all the newbie acticles including [GUIDE] Kindle Fire For Beginners here and so am familiar with the terms and concept of rooting, however, when I was Trying to root my KF 1st gen, I ran into the issue below when using KFU 9.6 and the KF became stuck in "boot loading" mode until I used the "recovery" function in KFU to get back to normal KF logon screen.

This is the sequence I was going to perform:

USING [Root][TWRP][FFF][CWM]Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.6 (5/09/12) by Vashypooh

1. run 'install_drivers.bat'

2. Plug KF into PC USB port.

3. Launch 'run.bat'

4. Option 2: Install 'permenant root with superuser'

5. Option 5: Install 'fire fire fire'.

6. Select the option to install optional packages

Made it up to Step 4, then got error below after trying to Install 'permenant root with superuser'

Note: I disabled my antivirus (bit defender) and verified that my WIN 7 OS 64 bit firewall was disabled as well, still was unable to pass by this error. I don't know why I keep getting the Error 403 Blocked by Bit Defender (my antivirus/firewall) when it's disabled. I was thinking of completely removing Bit Defender and trying again

Any help is appreciated...


* Installing Permanent Root *



* Activating Fastboot (4002) *


5364 KB/s (510876 bytes in 0.093s)

The kindle has been told to reboot in Fastboot Mode.

twrp.img has been found.

fff.bin is missing.

So we will download it for you!

--2013-01-06 21:46:51-- http.........


Connecting to||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Blocked by Bitdefender

2013-01-06 21:46:51 ERROR 403: Blocked by Bitdefender.




Oops... something went wrong with the download.

The recovery downloaded is not correct.

Please try the download again.

Press any key to continue . . .
Date: Jan 8, 2013   

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