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Kindle Fire won't go into fastboot mode? - KFU

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Well I've searched the forums and I can't find anything similar, which leads me to think I'm just missing something really obvious, but this is really frustrating me so I need help.

I'm trying to use the Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.6 to install TWRP and FireFireFire bootloader to my first-gen Kindle, so I can install Hashcode's Jelly Bean. I think I've got the normal drivers working as it shows up as ADB: online, although Boot mode: unknown is also reported. When enter "Install TWRP" it says it's putting the kindle into fastboot mode, but my Kindle seems to have other ideas. It just reboots normally and the utility is stuck on "waiting for device".

I've read one of your fastboot guides, which said that inserting the factory cable then inserting into a computer should activate fastboot mode. Well I tried that with what I think was the original cable, and it just booted normally.

I some small experience with rooting, but basically I'm a noob. I do have some Linux systems handy if they're required.

Any help would be appreciated!
Date: Mar 5, 2013   

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