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CyanogenMod 10.1 issues

Kindle Fire Q&A - xda-developers -

I had just flashed CM10.1, and to reiterate the title, experiencing issues that I could not find answers for.

First: Why is Auto Rotation not working? (have already looked into settings, all check out)

Second: Where is the button(the one with three dots on the bottom bar in the right corner that appears in apps, i think it was made to open in app settings) not there?

Third: (may or may not be because of rom) Kindle Fire does not connect to computer and be detected whatsoever( it did work when i had and older version of TWRP, just had to mount usb in recovery, but when i did update TWRP, it stopped appearing in computer even when mounted)

I Flashed this build:cm-10.1-20130611-0025-otter-sgt7, which i downloaded from this thread:

If anyone can help, thank you, my frustration is starting to get the better of me.
Date: Jun 21, 2013   

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