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Acer - Acer iconia tab a100 hard brick

Iconia Tab A100 General - xda-developers -
Acer iconia tab a100 hard brick

Hi, thanks for your prompt response ...

My tablet is ACER ICONIA TAB A100

Well I detailing the problem I have, and what I've done.

My tablet came with a HONEYCOMB version 3.2 and upgrade it to the latest version (4.0.3 Ice cream swandich), everything was working fine (2 months) until one day the tablet was inhibited ... and to turn off the tablet, and turn on the tablet ... remained in the Acer logo and no longer enter the system ...

- I tried the recovery mode, putting an file to sdcard, does not work ... probe some firmware but got no results.

-my tablet does not detect the MTP device driver, I have tried all the drivers of a100, a500 does not work, my tablet to connect to a computer, it detects as a Acer Iconia Tab A500, I tried all the drivers, and always device is a yellow icon.

- ADB mode does not work (error device not found) is that drivers are not installed either on the laptop or any other computer

- Fastboot command (fastboot oem unlock) is not working, the tablet just blinks and shows the acer logo ... the tablet is still locked.

And the last method is possibly my salvation APX mode

as I said, I never connect my tablet on my laptop, or another pc, so never got my CPUID ...

Searching and 1 month and a half ... I found this forum ( ) gives me the steps to get my uid and then have my cpuid 037c704341df33d7, and then generate the SBK .. I was happy, thinking that this was already my salvation, but to test the nVFlash with sbk I got ... does not work, I get an error:

rcm version 0X4

Command send failed (usb write failed)

looking for answers to this error means, as they say it is because the sbk is incorrect.
Date: Jan 18, 2013    Labels: Acer

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