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Acer - Acer Iconia Tab A100 Won't Boot Anymore

Iconia Tab A100 General - xda-developers -
Hi everyone,

First time posting on this forum even though I have been a long time reader.

I have a problem with my Iconia A100 tab, which I purchased december 2011 and was working fine until a couple of weeks ago (in january)

Nothing particular happened, on one fine day, I could not start it anymore:

I have been on a couple of forums including this one but I could not find a solution.

<quote from a guy on a forum with exactly the same problem>

There were no recent flashes, or upgrades, etc. Just won't boot up all of a sudden. The blue light in the power button comes on and if you touch the home button, it lights up, but nothing else works, no vibration, nothing. Tried the paper clip reset, didn't help. Tried the factory hard reset that's listed on Acer's support (power button, volume control, with orientation switch in the up position, etc) and it didn't help; no vibration.


I have called Acer helpdesk, but my warranty expired already (one year) and the guy on the phone was rather rude.

Plus the cost of repair might end up more than buying a new one or another tablet altogether.

I am considering getting an IPAD mini actually. I loved the A100, but now I am a little disappointed in Acer. Maybe this is a case of planned obsolescence, who knows...

Anybody knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance
Date: Feb 24, 2013    Labels: Acer

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