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CM10 : battery drain problem

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Hello all,

I was using stock 4.1.2, I just installed the CM10 (1105 release to have the play store working well) and I have a problem with the battery usage.

With stock 4.1.2 I had an excellent battery life : around 11hours (mostly web browsing).

With CM10, I am now around 9 hours with the exact same usage. So I was wondering if I had a wrong parameter set for battery life somewhere.

I don't use overclocking (minimal speed = 200 mhz, max 1000, strategy = interactive).

Does anyone know what parameter could be responsible of such a battery drain in CM10 ?

I read that KSM parameter is better for performances but let the CPU use more battery ... Is it right ? (I will test this).

What is your own battery life using CM10 ?

Thanks !
Date: Dec 2, 2012   

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