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Red Triangle on Android Man

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I have a Xoom WiFi on Android 4.1.2

I was trying to Unlock, Flash Recovery, Root and then Flash a Rom. I have Flashed on my phone a couple of times so I am a little familiar with the process.

I did the following:


adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot reboot


adb reboot bootloader

fastboot flash recovery "name of file".img. (the file i used was "recovery-clockwork-touch-").


Once you have verification on your device that this has been flashed, reboot your device by holding volume up + power.

Then 3 seconds after you see the Motorola logo, hit volume down. You should now see "Android Recovery" in the top left corner. Hit volume up to boot into recovery.

This is where things go wrong.

Upon reboot,

I press down volume upon seeing the logo.

It then says Android Recovery.

I then press up volume.

then it says entering Android Recovery Mode

reading ODM Fuse:1

Then the Green Android man shows up with the red triangle.

It sits there for a while then boots into Android normally.

I have been searching for a solution since this morning. Everything I found about this has not helped.

Earlier in the day I did Flash a different Recovery so I think I have two. I installed the ROM manger app. It shows two installed.

ClockworkMod Recovery

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP)

I am stuck as to what to do... Please help.


Date: Sep 16, 2013   

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