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How to repair partition on internal storage?

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I was trying to get 4.4.2 (Omnirom / CM11.1) on my Xoom.

The only problem I facing is TWRP is asking for password or else it will have problem mounting to cache.

This lead to cannot wipe cache and cannot wipe cache\dalvik.

I search the forum up and down and people comment that the partition is corrupt that TWRP trying to recover it.

So my question is how can I repair or recreate the partition.

What tool should I use?

Even if it is using adb shell, what kind of program I need to push into the phone.

Hope someone can help me out.

I did try to play around like 5 hours.

At first TWRP complaint that cannot mount /cache

Then I try use CWM recovery to wipe cache and dalvik. Then only install TWRP (without big part). Again I wipe cache and dalvik.

Then when I install TWRP (with big part) and no longer complaint cannot mount cache.

But it keep showing update partition details.

When I try to wipe data it will be unsuccessful.

Hope experience people can guide me. Really want to see my motorola xoom (everest) to be on kit kat.
Date: Jan 13, 2014   

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