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Unfortunately trebuchet has stopped, fix, Dirty Bean 5.3

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Unfortunately trebuchet has stopped, fix, Dirty Bean 5.3

I got myself into trouble on my teamdrh Dirty Bean 5.3 gtab yesterday. I had been changing a few settings and returned to the home screen and got a "Unfortunately trebuchet has stopped" message. Clicked that and it just kept reappearing, after a few minutes a complete re-install seemed imminent, having just got all my apps in place I didn't want to do that. Checking out here and a few other places didn't yield much until I stumbled on a post that talked about the persistent search bar. Getting back into settings from the taskbar, going to Interface->Launcher->Homescreen-> Enable Persistent Search Bar was unchecked, checking it got rid of the message and made the tablet usable again. If disabling this causes the system to effectively become unusable perhaps this option should be greyed out or just not available. Anyway if you get into this situation this is how to get out of it, not brilliant, not earth shattering but hopefully will save you some time and a reinstall.
Date: Sep 9, 2012   

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