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Changing map language display from english to chinese

Windows Phone 7 Q&A - xda-developers -
I use english language bing map when i am outside of asia, but now that i am back i want my map to display chinese font instead of english...

I am living in asia right now, and when i open bing map it still displays in English font (like english translation of the city name or street name, ie. ?? it will show as taipei (for those who can read chinese))

I have went into settings "region + language" but i cannot switch the display language as it is greyed out. I tried changing the region format, system locale and browser/search language to chinese but that doesnt work also...

How come display language is greyed out?? can i change that or is that preset with each mobile phone

I have an unlocked (Non-branded) HTC Mozart 7

Date: Nov 8, 2012   

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