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M-Tech aTab5 identification and cwm

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Hello guys,

I have an M-Tech aTab5 phone. This is a Chinese Samsung Galaxy Note clone, with the following parameters:

- MTK-6577 processor

- 480x800 LCD

- Android 4.0.4

- 2 GB internal storage

- Baseband version MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V5.P3,2012/09/05 17:19

- Kernel version 3.0.13 rlk-buildsrv1@rlk-buildsrv1-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 22 16:44:07 CST 2012

- Build number G503HH_JL_D_XYL_V0.2_S20121022

I would like to identify this phone better. aTab5 is a local name, only used in my country. Does it have a general worldwide one?

Are there any ROMS available for this device?

I dumped the recovery partition into an img file with low level commands (device is rooted), and tried to build clockworkmod recovery using online recovery builder, but I failed (blank screen, then reboot). Is there a working cwm available for this device? Can you help me out building a working one?
Date: Jan 2, 2013   

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