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How To clone Reign of dragons app

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Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong place, or has been asked previously.

one of my friends has an Iphone and was successfully able to clone and run mutiple account of the app reign of dragons. I have been attempting to do this myself on android with no success. i have been trying to use this with bluestacks and a rooted kindle fire with ice cream sandwich. (galaxy). and soon to try it on a rooted droid DNA.

anyways. I have found the apk file for reign of dragons (pkg.apk) and have attempted to changed the package name with APKtools, edited the folder paths to mach the new package name and am unable to make the multiple accounts work. change android ID does not seem to actually work. although i have to say i am a noob when it comes to all of this but i am usually fairly good at figuring these things out. I have spent 24hrs straight on this with to no avail. does anyone have any experience cloning apps to work with multiple accounts? if so how were you able to do it

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Date: Jul 18, 2013   

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