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nid help about LENOVO A706 nid FLASHFILE and FLASHER also TUTORIAL..

I root my phone using "FRAMAROOT" and its success but 1 day iformat my phone using hard reset VOL+ VOL- POWER ON and i WIFE the CATCH after that my phone is no longer ROOTED but the ICON of SUPERUSER is still there..i check the SYSTEM and i try to delete it using ROOT EXPLORER but its say's i need to root my phone first.. i try to root it again using FRAMAROOT but its always FAILED..i try also different procedure how to root android phone but no i deside to flash this phone so that is all back to the oginal settings..pls help me to solve my problem..thanks..

any idea or link how to flash the lenovo a706 so that i can successfully ROOT it again..??

Date: Aug 3, 2013   

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