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Step by step procedure to root mz604 and flash ics custom rom

Xoom General - xda-developers -
Note: please read this procedure carefully more than once until you are fully aware of it. If you have any doubts or concerns, just ask to avoid confusion before you apply. This should be followed step by step.

? Your custom ROM will be:

? Your GOOGLE APPs (GAPPs) would be:

Full thread in details can be found here:

To summarize:

First, download the above ROM and GAPPs and put them onto your xoom internal and external SD card. Put them under /mnt/sdcard for internal sd, and under the root of your external sd card.

To download:

? Get the Motorola USB drivers to your laptop:

? Get the Android SDK to your laptop: ? Recovery Image:

? GAPPS: , your GAPPs would be:

? ROM:


1. Power off your XOOM device.

2. Press and hold the volume down button while pressing the power button at the same time. Note: Even if your xoom starts again, just keep the button pressed until you see "Starting fastboot protocol" on the screen.

3. Connect Xoom to your computer via USB.

4. Open a ?Command Prompt? or ?Terminal? window on your computer in your sdk/tools folder. This is the sdk you downloaded above.

5. unlock your xoom and flash the recovery image. The recovery image should be in your current working directory where you have command line navigated to:


adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot flash recovery eos-recovery-r6.img

fastboot reboot

adb reboot recovery

Now, you have your device unlocked and recovery installed.

Reboot your xoom by selecting the option "reboot system now" from recovery. you can navigate up and down using the volume buttons. Once an option is highlighted, press the power button to select, you will still have your old ROM.

To flash the other ROM downloaded above,

1. Boot into recovery by:

i. As soon as you hit the reboot command above, you should see a Motorola logo appear. Wait 3 seconds and tap the Volume down button and the words Android Recovery should appear on the screen. When you see that, tap the Volume up button and you?ll boot into recovery.

2. From within Recovery, perform wipe data, wipe cache, and go to advanced, wipe dalvik cache and battery stats. Don't worry, if the ROM and GAPPs are deleted, which should not be the case, you will have them on your external sd card

Note: wipe data will delete your stuff on the xoom. It would be great if you backup your files that you need to your external sd card before you start any of this procedure.

3. In recovery, navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sd card and select the EOS ROM you copied to the root of the SD card. Once the files are flashed, DO NOT reboot afterwards. Hold on.

4. Again, from Recovery, choose install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sd card and select the GAPPs you copied to the root of the SD card.

Then hit reboot system now. It will take 2 - 3 minutes for the first reboot. Setup your google account. and you are good to go.

Later reboots will be much faster (around 40 - 50 seconds).

Advice: purchase Startup Manager from the market. Remove unwanted user programs from the startup. That will boost the boot time of your xoom. and don't remove superuser or superSU.

To have better battery life, from the market buy JuiceDefender ultimate. configure it as aggressive. don't worry, it is ok. This will give you around 2 hours of extra battery life than the promised 10 hours. Keep that in the startup.

You may need after that to install terminal emulator from the market if not already installed by the ROM to check if you have root permissions. Just type "su -" you will be prompted with superuser check. Click allow. and then type "id" You will see your id is root.

Should you require further details or assistance, please let me know. And enjoy the best rom customized ever for your device

Best Thanks to TEAM EOS for the great ROMs they provide.

After you are done with all that, let me know and will explain to you how to work with the pre-installed gooManager in the new ROM. It will make your life much easier to upgrade to future releases of your ROM.
Date: Jun 21, 2012   

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