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HTC - URDU Reading/Writing Patch for HTC Sensation

Sensation General - xda-developers -
URDU Reading/Writing Patch for HTC Sensation (Paki users)

Long time I searched to find a Solution to Writing and Reading Urdu Messages for HTC Sensation.. HTC mobiles dont include Urdu although Samsung does..

I almost made it possible with Thanks from baadnewz Arabic patch. Thus this Patch includes Arabic Fonts too.

I know most of you will say we can Write URDU but when u r actually writing it, its infact Arabic form.. Many letters dont work correctly..

(Tested on Sense 3.5; Not yet on 3.0.. If Someone with 3.0 can test and let me know if it works for him)

Here is a Simple Guide on how to do it:

A) Download and flash via Recovery and Reboot. (First Boot may take Long)

B) Download MultiLing from Market

C) Then Download Urdu Plugin Pakistani

D) Open MultiLing . Follow Steps in Main screen

1. Enable Multiling > Check Mark Multiling

4. Enable Languages > Leave Tick on Only English and Urdu. remove ticks from All others

When writing message, Long press Editing Area to Select Input method. Choose MultiLing. Swipe Spacebar in Keyboard to change Language..

Now you can Type Urdu in Correct fonts...

Will Hopefully Port for Other HTC Devices...

Hit THANKS if it Helped...

Screen Shots BEFORE and AFTER the Patch

(Mods Please Move to correct Section. Dont know where it should Belong...)
Date: Dec 23, 2012    Labels: HTC


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